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Get a Grip on Negative Self Talk
Own Your BS: The No-Nonsense Guide to addressing your Female Head Talk
"I can't do this...."
"What if I fail?"
"I should...."
"What will people think?" 
"Tomorrow I will...."
"Why can't I be like her?"
Being Female and having Head Talk goes hand in hand. 
The constant chatter of thoughts, memories and worries accompanies us every single day.

"Think Positive", "Be Grateful", "Change the focus" sounds great but DOESN'T WORK

Before we know it, the stories start up again. Stronger than they were before, resulting in feeling even more overwhelmed. Anxiety. Stress.
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Have you ever laid awake at night, with a million thoughts screaming through your head, fighting for attention, causing you to feel more and more confused about what you want, what you need to do, who you need to be?

Do you lose hours of time, recalling and reliving moments from your past or fearing a future that hasn’t even happened only to rob you from your ability to enjoy the present for what it truly is? It seems that no matter how many positive affirmations or ‘mindfulness activities’ you do, negative thoughts haunt your every day.

It’s not your fault. You’ve been taught how to work with negative emotions and beliefs in a manner that does not take into consideration your Female Factor - the way your naturally emotional, constantly multi-tasking brain stores and processes events and the impact your ever fluctuating hormones have on your daily life.  

The good news is, you can take back control of this negative dialogue. You can begin to transform your thinking right now. You can make peace with the past, clear the panic of the future and begin to enjoy your life right now. Oh, and did I mention you will build your self confidence and and find more clarity in the process? 

Hi! I’m Bree Stedman, and after years of struggling with negative self talk that was hidden behind a mask of “I have it all together”, I hit rock bottom when my inner dialogue caused me to disconnect from my family and feel like a fraud in my professional role. I was a mother, a wife and a successful business woman lost behind a heap of masks that resulted in me losing who I remembered I used to be. 

I learned a new approach to my head talk that helped me to create change. A new sense of ownership empowered me to let go the stories that didn’t serve me, identify who I was at my core and build a business that aligned with my authentic self that harmonised with connected, quality time with my family. And I'm here to share with you how I did that. 
Get a grip of the Head Talk that Sabotages you
Why this book?
There are thousands of Self-Help books available to help women develop confidence in themselves and their dreams, and yet women are more stuck in Negative Head Talk than ever before. 

Why? Because most Self-Help books are written with a logical, male point of view in mind. 

Own Your BS explores the differences between men and women and, without the fluff and rah-rah of 'just visualise' and 'think positive', provides readers with practical and powerful strategies and tools to get a grip on stories like "I'm not good enough", "I'll fail", "she is better than me" and "I should...." by understanding what drives these stories in the first place. 

Complete with a downloadable workbook, Own Your BS will give you not just the insight, but the strategies to take back your Personal Power and rephrase the Head Talk to serve you and influence your success.
 Here's What Other People Are Saying:
I appreciate how truly authentic Bree's voice resonates within her words. Her journey made me feel genuinely connected with her and her transformation. This book is a wonderful, practical promise of hope that others can transform their lives  #ownyourbs
I received my wonderful signed copy Own Your BS book, can't wait to finish reading it! 
I can really recommend Bree's work for helping to clear negative head talk. #ownyourbs
So many examples in this book sounded like she was reading pages from my life. I feel I have tools to identifying the BS that I have been drowning in and move beyond it #ownyourbs
Here's What You'll Learn From Own Your BS:
  • How a Top 15 in the Country Business Mum of 2 went from feeling like a fake & a fraud with physically violent behaviour to calm, connected and Emotionally Confident
  • Why traditional Self-Help books aren't helping you as a woman to address the thoughts and habits that sabotage your goals and success
  • What your Head Talk is really trying to tell you when it continues to cycle, repeat and show up at all hours of the day
  • An introduction into the Female Factor - the connection between your thoughts and the charging undercurrent that tie them together - your emotions
  • Insight into the Female Brain and your Hormones and how these very specific characteristics to you as a woman impact the quality of your Head Talk
  • Strategies you can access immediately implement (with FREE Downloadable Templates) so that you can start rejecting the Head Talk that is no long serving you.
  • Creating a new focus that sets the foundation for a fresh, positive and long lasting outlook that supports success
  • the SmartHeart Goal formula - my unique framework that aligns the Masculine Motivation of a goal with the Internal Inspiration of the Feminine Brain
This book is very much unique and hifi...I was really impressed with this. It's a highly recommended worthy read #ownyourbs
Inspiring and uplifting. This is a brilliant guide and so easy to read to aid towards achieving the very much needed life skills and strategies. A must read #ownyourbs
Wow this book just spoke to me! We tend to be our own worst enemy by overthinking things and underestimating our value. The strategies to address these issues will be invaluable for me  #ownyourbs
Take back control from the
thoughts that keep you up at night
What People Are Saying About "Your Book" On..
I appreciate the facts and insights into my feminine brain - it makes so much sense. Better yet, being able to implement some of the strategies to better approach my head talk - it's not just a solid read, it's a practical tool.  #ownyourbs
Bree is so relatable which makes her message all though more relevant and digestible! This is a brilliant guide to achieving much needed life skills and strategies #ownyourbs
This book is one of the most powerful books I have read in a while. It is TRANSFORMATIVE, with  lots of practical, easy to implement strategies for women who want to get rid of Head Talk #ownyourbs
What People Are Saying About "Your Book" On..
Release the negative and find calm and confidence again
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A number of us in our office have a copy of Own Your BS - we love that we can keep each other accountable with all the things we are learning - we are helping each other to #ownyourbs
As a team of business leaders influencing over 3,500 women around Australia, the information and approach shared in Own Your BS has helped us 
not only recognise how we can grow from a 
personal level, but also professionally, 
and extending outwards. It's a great "no-fluff" 
book for business women who just want to get on with the job. #ownyourbs
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